Timber has been tried, tested and proven in Australia for over 100 years and in more than 10 million homes. Timber building materials are what we have all grown up with. Plantation timber also happens to be one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials in the world: it is renewable, sustainable and grown right here in Australia. What's more, trees absorb carbon to help maintain a healthy future for generations to come.

Wood is energy efficient in more ways than you might think. Not only does it require less energy to manufacture than the majority of other building materials, it is also more resistant to heat flow, making it easier to insulate.

Environmental life cycle analysis (LCA) is recognised as the preferred cradle-to-grave basis for comparing the environmental impact of products, including building materials. On a limited LCA basis, building in wood sourced from sustainably-managed plantations represents a net removal of carbon dioxide away from the atmosphere for at least the life of the structure. As such, building in wood sourced from sustainably-managed plantations can therefore make a positive contribution to combating climate change.

As sustainability continues to become more important to both the architectural and building community, CHH Woodproducts continues to search for methods of ensuring that our customers and end consumers receive products that have minimal impact on the environment. Because we choose independently-audited and measurable processes, you can be confident that we take this responsibility seriously.

In this age of climate change and environmental awareness, wood is the superior sustainable solution, a greener alternative to more fossil-fuel-intensive materials such as aluminum, concrete and steel, and in many cases instrumental in the delivery of buildings that are beyond carbon neutral. Wood is a naturally renewable product that will increase the quality of life and provide economic opportunities for present and future generations.


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Carter Holt Harvey Certificates

Chain of Custody (CoC) Certificates are available upon request. Please note that certification may not cover all products, as methods differ by manufacturing site. Please refer to individual product pages to understand CoC coverage or contact CHH customer service for further details.

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Chain of Custody (CoC) certification ensures that the vast majority of wood in our products is legally sourced from sustainable managed forests.